Language Classes

Language Classes

I am a native-speaking, fully qualified Spanish language teacher for individual, paired, or small-group learners. Whether you are learning for personal or business reasons, I will incorporate your individual needs and learning goals into your personalized syllabus. Classes can be held at your home, office or my home, on weekdays at the most convenient time of day for you.

If you want to be taught Spanish for academic reasons, business needs or just to be polite to your neighbours, my lessons are guaranteed to be the ideal solution.

Your first class will help assess your level which will go towards deciding your needs. A basic course will generally include common conversational topics, as well as gaining greater fluency and pronunciation as well as using the telephone. Other courses can delve deeper into certain areas of the language that you know you will need to know for your job or pastime.

I help with people moving abroad, those entering a Spanish family through marriage, those studying for a Spanish exam, as well as those who are simply passionate about Spanish language and culture.

Visit Profesores Español or contact Cristina on or call Cristina on 670995284

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